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What Does it Mean to be "Eco-Friendly?"

With the seriousness of the current climate crisis, it’s important that we continue to develop our high standards for environmental friendliness and applaud our companies that continue to prioritize and work on the cutting edge of environmental innovation.

When you learn about the environmental commitments of our companies, you realize that “eco-friendly” is much more than just not harmful to the environment. 

Our companies not only create sustainable products and ethical services, but our manufacturing and production is environmentally responsible, and often, they are working to completely alter the landscape of businesses’ role and obligation in protecting the Earth.


Our business is focused on not only not harming the planet, but actually having a net positive impact.​

So, for our companies (Earth First Pest Control & EOGreen Products) we consider eco-friendly, sustainability is central every step of the way: from transparent and ethical sourcing of raw materials to environmentally friendly practices in manufacturing, to packaging, shipping and services, to diverting landfill waste at the end of their product’s life.

Ready-to-Use Insect Spray with Natural Essential Oils

EOGreen Products Bug Spray is derived from plant oils. Proven to work and easy to use. This ready-to-use pest protection kills and repels hundreds of bugs

Our Pest Control experts know a lot about bug biology, behavior, what works and what doesn't. They created an effective bug killing formula inspired by nature and bug’s natural defense systems – and made without harsh synthetic chemicals. The essential oils targets and shuts down biological pathways found in insects, not in people or pets.

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